We provide the most advance rental management tools to landlords and renters.

Rentahoo.com strives to provide the most capable rental management tool to landlords and renters free of charge. Setup your property in seconds and receive rent within minutes. Sign up for free and enjoy being at ease!

Our Origins

As a small property management company operating in Michigan, Ohio & California, we've been providing full property management services to hundreds of landlords. Our proprietary management software allowed us to easily be able to manage hundreds of properties in multiple states from our central office in Michigan.

In 2019, we noticed the need for single family property owners and multiunit property owners to be able to self-sufficiently manage their own properties without being obligated to pay high management fees.

We decided to launch our proprietary software called Rentahoo. After 2 years of development we've finally launched Rentahoo in 2021 and made it available for free to all landlords and tenants in the United States.

In the next few years our development team is working to add all necessary functions for homeowners to be able to manage their property remotely and easily receive payment and process all their needs online and from their mobile devices.

Who Are We

Rentahoo is a subsidiary of NCDG Realty & Property Management. Established in 2008, we've been managing hundreds of properties from single houses to large multi-units throughout Michigan, Ohio and California.

Due to souring costs we've been seeing an increase in desire for landlord to manage their own properties. Therefore, we've repackaged our own proprietary management tools and made it available to all landlords throughout the United States.


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